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Houston Maritime Crews have some disadvantages as well as some advantages for their injuries. To protect Maritime Workers from Maritime Injuries, U.S. courts as well as Houston Maritime Lawyer/Attorney continuously working through common Maritime Law. The U.S. Courts provide an opportunity for Maritime Injured Workers in the Marine Industry to demand the necessary Compensation for their treatment from the Ship Owner. And Houston Maritime Lawyer helps make this task easier.

Before you contact a Houston Maritime Attorney, You should know some common queries like

  1. When Should You Hire a Houston Maritime Lawyer?
  2. Maritime Industrie’s Law
  3. Types of Maritime Injuries
  4. Types of Maritime Accidents
  5. Types of Maritime Cases
  6. Who will consider as a Seamen, and Last not least
  7. What I will do, when I Suffer Maritime Injury?

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About Houston Maritime Industry, Texas, U.S.

In Houston city, a huge number of maritime workers are involved. More than 4 million people are living for any kind of working purpose in Houston, Texas.

And when all the ports of Texas are added together, Texas is considered as the 3rd largest port in the country in terms of cargo transportation of the ports of the United States.

Even the port of Houston has 250 private terminals for handling more than 10,000 ships and more than 250,000 barges each year.

More than 90% of Cargo Transportation is handled by this Port in Texas.

And that’s why so many Maritime workers are injured every day at the Port of Houston. Moreover, many maritime workers die. And that’s why they hire a Houston Maritime Attorney to help the workers recover from the damage caused by the Maritime Accident.

When should you hire a maritime attorney/lawyer?

The best time to call a Houston Maritime Attorney is when your ship enters the dock in Houston. If you have a personal mobile phone or a Wi-Fi connection, contact a maritime lawyer as soon as possible. But one thing to keep in mind is that there is no problem if the ship allows you to speak, otherwise the management system may take action against you.

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Some marine workers make the common mistake of forming a team on their own and not wanting to solve the problem by threatening to sue. In the long run, such mistakes are of no benefit to you, but rather cost you a lot of money.

There are many such marine Workers in Houston (who can’t work now ), who say they made this same mistake and are now frustrated as to why they did not contact any marine lawyer then after the maritime accident.

If you hire a Houston Maritime Lawyer to fight your case, he or she can arrange all costs for your treatment and compensation from the respected Ship Owner.

You should never try to solve the problem on your own, even if you have seen any information on the website or blogs post, or any online forum. Be a little clever and call a maritime lawyer. We know such kind of Houston Maritime Attorneys, who have been doing this for the last 10-15 years.

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Types of Maritime Injuries at Houston

Marine workers face many difficult situations where their lives are at great risk. While in most cases they are able to overcome the dangers, in many cases they cannot. And as a result, they die.

Here are some of the type of Injuries –

  • Legs Slip and Falls
  • Obstacles and collisions
  • Accidental Lifting
  • Illness
  • Offshore oil rig injury. (Workers who have been injured or killed working on drilling rigs (semisubmersible rigs and jack-up rigs) in Oil and Gas industry)
  • Seamen injuries. (seamen who are injured while employed on a cargo ship, boat, barge, or other vessels)

You have to remember that if you will be injured when working at Marine, there are several types of law that can recover the total cost of your injury. All you have to do is that contact a good Houston Maritime Lawyer, who will handle your case properly.

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Types of Maritime Accidents

There are several types of accidents that may happen.


  • Barge Accidents
  • Cargo Ship Accidents
  • Commercial Fishing Accidents
  • Deck Accidents
  • Jackup Rig or Drilling Accidents
  • Oil Platform Accidents
  • Shipyard Accidents
  • Tugboat Accidents
  • offshore accidents

You can contact a Houston Maritime Attorney after Maritime Accident, to give all compensation for your injury.

Maritime Law & Maritime Injury Cases

  1. Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA)
  2. Jones Act: The Merchant Marine Act
  3. LongShoreMen & Harber Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA)
  4. Maintenance & Cure
  5. Personal Injury

 Death on High Sea Act

Commercial work at sea is a little dangerous. Occasionally a worker may die as a result of negligence or wrongdoing by an employer or co-worker.

Under the Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA), if a person dies while working on a merchant ship (at least three nautical miles off the coast of the United States), he loses his wife, father, mother, child, or any other dependent, relative Can claim fair compensation for the suffering that will cover the cost of the person’s funeral.

To successfully claim, a Houston Maritime Lawyer must prove that the accident happened due to the negligence of the shipowner or his co-workers.

If you need knowledgeable, experienced maritime injury attorneys, we can provide you with the best Houston Maritime Lawyer information.

 Jones Act: The Merchant Marine Act

Jones Act is also known as the merchant Act. It is a federal law enacted in 1920. Which usually controls maritime trade between U.S. ports.

This Act also helps injured marine workers to receive benefits/compensation from their employer due to negligence in their work.

You can apply for the facility if you are on the ship 30% of the time while you are in Navigable Waters and if you can see your injuries.

Within this act, you can get compensation like lost wages, medical expenses, as well as compensation for pain and suffering.

This Jones Act is applicable whether you are

  • Marine Cook
  • Deck Officer
  • Captain
  • Bartender etc.

Contact a good Jones Act lawyer, he or she will help you get the compensation you deserve for your injury. By the Way, a Houston Maritime Lawyer/Attorney can also do this for you.

 Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA)

The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) is also a federal law that helps Maritime Workers (in the U.S.A) receive compensation for maritime injuries (ship loading, unloading, etc.), money for medical treatment, and the benefits of rejoining the profession.

This law also helps the family of a marine worker to get compensation if that worker dies or suffers a similar condition.

Usually, all these benefits are provided by the private insurance company made by the employee. The term sick or injured here refers to occupational diseases, hearing loss, and employment-related illnesses.

It is not as easy as DHOSA or Jones Act, a Houston Maritime Lawyer/Attorney must submit all-important medical documents to Court for providing all medical compensation to the Injured Maritime Workers.

Who will get benefited from the Longshore And Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA)

Under this LHWCA act, long-term workers, ship-repairmen, shipbuilders or ship-breakers, and harbor construction workers will be benefited.

Injuries must occur in or around naval waters ( sea includes any waters within the ebb and flow of the tide )in the United States, in areas used for loading and unloading piers, docks, terminals, wharves, and ships.

Civilian non-employees are also got benefited, if they were worked in navigable waters at that time and injuries occur there.

Who will be excluded from LHWCA?

  • Seamen.
  • Government employees of United States.
  • Any foreign government employees.
  • Employees, who are injured by intoxication.
  • Employees who injured for their own willful intention to harm themselves or others.

 Maintenance & Cure Act

Maintenance payments cover an employee’s actual living expenses such as rent or mortgage, necessary utility bills, groceries, taxes, and insurance and are usually paid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

The law is used to protect maritime workers from maritime injury or illness while on the job, but it does not appear that the maritime workers were at fault or not.

The law also stipulates that if the owner of a ship does not have the capacity to pay adequate compensation, but has the ability to take care of workers to survive and bear their costs, the owner must pay it.

cure payments, however, include treatment costs related to injury or illness. This payment does not last forever even after injuries are permanently disabled.

This law also helps to get full expenses to injured workers until they are completely healed.

The law can equip injured workers with all hospital costs (such as doctor’s fees, necessary medication, necessary medical treatment, etc).

The law basically helps an injured marine worker to fully recover and return to work.

 Personal Injuries

If a worker is injured in the hand, leg, or any other part of the body while loading or unloading cargo, he can avail the assistance of this Act.

Who will consider as a Seamen?

In Maritime law, the word Seamen means Maritime worker. Now the question is who will be considered as this Seamen?

Those who have spent enough time on the ship will have the status of Seamen here.

And the ship must be in navigation (a ship is considered in navigation only when the ship is doing business in navigable waters).

That means the ship should be :

1. Capable of moving

2. In operation

3. Afloat

4. In navigable waters

Those who do not spend enough time on the working ship do not qualify as Seamen. But most people (such as loading and unloading persons, cooks, bartenders, casino employees, etc.) qualify for seamen.

For further information about Seamen, you can talk to Houston Maritime Lawyer.

What I will do When I Suffer Maritime Injury?

In Maritime Industry, so many When you have a Maritime Injury, it is best to start treatment without delay. Report the matter to your supervisor and fill out an injury form. You will not sign any form unless you are consulting with a Houston Maritime Lawyer/Attorney. Take a picture of the form immediately if you can. If you can’t, see if a trusted colleague can do it for you.

Then, as soon as you are physically healthy, visit a Houston Maritime Lawyer and tell him or her the whole story and show you the injuries. Because if you don’t, you will be legally deprived of many benefits( like medical expenses, medical claims, compensation, etc). And if you don’t visit a Houston Maritime Lawyer very soon, you won’t get any more benefits as time goes on.

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  9. Phillip B. Dye, Jr.

  10. Kenneth Engerrand

  11. Michael A. Golemi

  12. Patrick Daniel
  13. Michael Patrick Doyle
  14. Schechter, Shaffer & Harris
  15. Kurt Brynilde Arnold
  16. Scott Krist
  17. Clay Dugas
  18. Charles K Sanders
  19. Ms. Stacey Erin Burke
  20. McKenna Harper

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