Before Hiring a Maritime Injury Attorney, 9 Things You Should Know

Maritime injury is different from the common workplace injuries because judicial laws for seamen are different and fall under Compensation Act (LHWCA). However, it’s essential to hire a maritime injury attorney to protect the rights and get the proper treatment under rules and judicial regulations.

Most of you may be thinking, why do we need to discuss maritime injury? Let me answer you by dissecting this article into various parts with accurate and precise detail.

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What is a maritime injury, and how many types does it have?

Maritime injury is directly associated with unusual circumstances or accidents that happen at sea and offshore. However, the type of injury depends on the workplace and the job post of the employee. In addition, the severity of the case depends on the compensation rules. Therefore, it’s necessary to know about the compensation when you are working as a seaman.

Moreover, 12 different maritime injury types include oil rig accidents, the rapture of cruise vessels, fishing mishaps, and tug boat accidents. Hence, accidents on crude oil tankers and cargo ships are most common. Sometimes, workers get injured when grounding the boat on land and loading and unloading the language with a crane.  

How to find and choose a maritime injury?

When working on the sea, it’s difficult sometimes to find the injury immediately because some injuries don’t have a physical appearance and cause injection after some days. So, you should see the right attorney to allocate your health and take care of your rights.

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Why essential to hire the right maritime injury attorney?

If you have your own lawyer, that is good enough. Still, it would help to choose a maritime injury attorney because judicial laws for sea injury are different, and you may get better compensation. Thus, it’s ideal to go for the maritime injury attorney, and he will deal with your case according to the type of injury accordingly.

Why sometimes it goes wrong?

As a layman, you should consider that some injuries take time to appear and can cause severe infection in the body. Thus, in case of physical injury, you may get the appropriate compensation, but for an internal condition, you may contact the wrong contrivance.

How top 30 maritime injury lawyers can help you?

There are various types of maritime injury, and it’s essential to hire the relevant attorney for each case.

The jones law for sailors and offshore workers.

LHWCA law protects the right of shipbuilders and laborers.

DOSHA is stringent law to deal with any death on the boat.

Here are the top 30 lawyers with their contact information to serve the people.

  1. Basu Law Firm, PLLC – (281) 698-2250)

  1. Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. serves Houston ( (713-322-7672)

  1. Steve Lee, Attorney at Law (713-CALL-LEE)

  1. Charles J. Argento & Associates (713-766-4479)

  1. PMR Law (+12819096818)

  1. The Gonzalez Law Group ( tel:+12819162853)

  1. Jim Adler & Associates (tel:+18559927987)

  1. Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, LLP – Accident & Injury Attorneys (tel:+12819095647)

  1. Ayson Law Firm ( tel:+12819095271)

    10. Firouzbakht Law Firm PLLC (tel:+12819096670)

  1. Reyna Law Firm (tel:+12819096616)

  1. Morrow & Sheppard LLP ( tel:+12819096465)

  1. Patrick Daniel Law (tel:+12819095455)

  1. Arnold & Itkin LLP – Personal Injury Attorney (tel:+18887430394)

  1. Smith & Hassler (tel:+12819099262)

  1. Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers (tel:+12819626879)

  1. Pusch and Nguyen Accident Injury Lawyers (tel:+12819096485)

   18. The Patel Firm Injury Accident Lawyers (tel:+18888962559)

  1. Waldman Legal Group PLLC (tel:+12819626211)

  1. The Law Office of Joel A. Levine (tel:+18779490952)

  1. Herrman & Herrman P.L.L.C (tel:+18336728043)

  1. Kirk Law Firm (tel:+12819095421)

  1. Fibich Leebron Copeland Briggs (tel:+12819099751)

  1. Smith & Hassler (tel:+12819093908)

  1. Herbert Trial Law (tel:+12819626301)

  1. Amaro Law Firm (Tel:281) 666-6110)

  1. Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law (tel:(281) 767-5978)

  1. The Miller Law Firm (tel:(281) 666-6549)

  1. Roxell Richards Injury Law Firm (tel:(281) 909-6494)

  1. De La Garza Law Firm  (956) 448-5461


What should you watch for when injured at work?

According to your job post, if you are at the workplace and get injured, you may find compensation. However, if you are a laborer, LHWCA law is for you, and in case of any death, DOSHA will be applied under certain circumstances.

What you will do when injured on water?

You must hire an attorney instead of an ordinary lawyer because you have to protect your rights and compensate accordingly. So, a maritime injury attorney will help locate your case, and judicial rules are according to the federal regulations to compensate your rights.

What will you do to protect your rights when injured on the boat?

Jones law is there to protect the rights of sailors and offshore workers. So, an attorney will file your case accordingly, and you will get better compensation within few days.

A maritime injury attorney is best for injured seamen

As I have mentioned before, a maritime injury attorney is better for any accident on the sea. Because the rules and judicial applications are different from other common cases, and only the maritime attorney knows well how to file your case and fight for your rights.

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